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  • Tami

    I am very dismayed that Senators Rubio and Daines take the safety of the Ukrainian president so lightly.  These grown men decided that they didn't care about the direction to not take images of the information shared on a call with President Zelenskyy, and then, acting like teenagers, shared this on their Twitter accounts.  President Zelenskyy has evaded three assassination attempts since the beginning of the war with Russia, so this information could lead to a more successful attempt.  Mark Rubio is (laughably) the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  He should have known better.  This really makes me wonder about the claims that Russia is funding Republican campaigns.  What reason would either of these Republican members of congress have to act with such dismissive behavior towards common sense?????

    I would hope there is action being taken against these two... individuals.  They definitely deserve to lose their seats in office, if not to be charged with war crimes.  This is a serious matter, whether they believe so or not.