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  • Jessica

    It's important to vote because without your voice being heard no one will know how I'll community is being affected we as human beings should understand that we have the resources to make a change in this world 

  • Jordan

    It's so important for everyones voice to be heard and if we don't do anything or say anything nothing will change 

  • ray

    If someone like you doesn't care a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. 

  • Israel

    I signed up to work at a poll, but I wanted to ask if anyone knows the process to do it as a student so we can get stipend. Thanks

  • Traci

    I will be volunteering at my local poll!

  • Nick

    I have volunteered to serve as a poll worker for the General Election on November 3rd. I completed my required election training last month. I will be filling the role of EViD Operator. My duties will include, among other tasks, greeting electors, verifying their identities by analyzing government issued photo and signature identification cards and comparing them with secure computer records. Upon successfully confirming an elector's identity, I will make sure they receive a ballot and have an understanding of how to correctly mark their selections. After each ballot is completed and submitted, I will celebrate with each elector for having chosen to engage in a meaningful and sacred right to have their opinions heard.

  • marie

    I tried to volunteer, downloaded the application, filled it out and faxed it to the Nassau County Board of Elections. Hope that this allows me to volunteer. I have volunteered for many community events for Starbucks. I feel this is the most important volunteer event I have ever participated in allowing people to vote for whom they desire whether I agree or not. Their freedom is the same as freedom as a Barista accepting everyone even if they threw coffee at me. Forgiveness is the greatest gift I can give my self for freedom to love everyone. Marie Torrisi

  • Brandon

    I just volunteered and am excited for the oppurtunity.

  • Alicia

    I have volunteered to help out at the polls. Very excited to do my part. More infor to come

  • Fen

    My entire Starbucks district is helping register people to vote in all their stores!! I'm a proud volunteer and a proud partner, let's get everyone excited to vote!

  • Lisa

    I've signed up to volunteer!